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Tissot Le Locle Chronometre


The deep beauty of Tissot's Le Locle Chronometre.
The deep beauty of Tissot’s Le Locle Chronometre.

The Tissot Le Locle Chronometre is one star in a long line of proud timepieces that can boast of being named for the birthplace of Tissot watches itself.  Nestled in the Swiss Jura Mountains, Le Locle is the small village where the first pieces were crafted in 1853.  Now a century and a half later, Tissot has watches in 150 countries and is an established name synonymous with quality and style.

One of the most remarkable things about this piece is found right in the watch face of the Tissot Le Locle Chronometre, where there is an incredible amount of detail.  Finely chiseled guilloché pattern runs across the dial, and the color combination is quite striking.  Framed in pink gold with a dark blue grey face, a look is created that is somehow both demure and dashing.  Shining gold letters mark out the hours and a typical date window rolls by the days, perhaps the only mundane thing about this watch.

The split sapphire display back is a bold aesthetic move, and one which some consider quite polarizing.  However there is a way in which the style choice provides a appearance of treasure locked securely up, and treasure is just what is found at the heart of this Chronometre.  Sleek movements can just barely be seen vaulted behind lovely pink gold that is decorated with an elegant scroll of embellishments for flair.  The dimensionality of this case back also appears to add weight and depth to the watch, and thus further complexity.

Complex movements vaulted in by embellished pink gold.

This timepiece perhaps over them all truly honors the proud heritage that this brand has to offer.  Produced to commemorate Tissot’s award for best chronometre with their 2012 Le Locle, this year’s model celebrates the highest caliber of watchmaking seen today, combining exceptional aesthetic appeal with excellent time keeping.  It can stand alone as an ambassador for the brand and beacon of their success.

Written by Lindsey K. Cook

Kenneth Cole Returns to Herald Social Media @ NYFW

For the first time in seven years, Kenneth Cole displayed the brand’s collection for Fall 2013 in all its edgy glory.  With pieces flaring what Vogue called out as an urban warrior style, the runway filled with fur trimmed jackets, shadowing hoods and hats, thick vests, combat boots and many pieces even boasting reflective panels.  Styles were heavily layered, creating a protected look with an air of aloof mystery.

Social Media with a Smile
Social Media with a Smile

With a nod to his time away from the runway and to what had occurred in his absence, the beginning of the show featured a video with taglines like “Yield to Social Netwalking,” and “We don’t care if people love it, we just want them to ‘like’ it”.  Models holding laptops and clearly checking cell phone messages as they strode the runway, perhaps responding to the tweets that celebrated them.  The Kenneth Cole collection for 2013 was displayed in light of society’s growing attraction to social media and the technology that supports it.

Returning to fully embrace the influence social media has had and will continue to have on all industries, the entire night was in fact a herald to the social media scene.  Every tweet, facebook mention and pin were strongly encouraged.  In fact for every tweet hashtagged #KCRunway by an @KennethCole follower, the label donated $1 to amfAR.  Adding to this generosity, the proceeds from sales of the runway exclusive black python clutch done in collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker was being sold through the show’s livestream.  And 100% of the sale was  given to the AIDS-research charity, the same one who honored Cole himself at a previous event.

Birds flew against the wall of building sillhouettes and telephone poles in a truly New York-like urban setting, eliciting a sense of dangerous freedom embodied in the striking styles.  In sharp contrast to the perky blues and reds representative of the most up-and-coming social media sites, the clothes of that evening were dark.  Blacks and greys and other somber neutrals perhaps spoke to the transition of social media from teenage games to adult reality.  The hunter greens, deep reds and navy hues that did show up were distinctly suave and appeared more action oriented.

Color in Class
Colored Class

Kenneth Cole’s explosive return to the runway could not have been more favorably met.  His appearance on the stage at the end was enthusiastically received and the numerous contributions to charities his label engaged in earned him equal association as philanthropist, not just designer.


By Lindsey K Cook

A Night for the Black and Gold

Black White Beauty
Black White Beauty

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week  knew exactly how to define the chemical magic that was created by Diesel Black Gold’s Fall 2013 NYFW production:  as a “love affair between refined quality and rock & roll”.  And indeed the leather and fringe-filled show had plenty of rock to spice up the high style of Diesel Black Gold’s renown.


A plethora of black and white ensembles were strode down the runway, often on the favorite fringed black high heels.  Giant zippers featured prominently on sleek black leotards and smooth, tight coats shaped the look into a compact picture of style.  No color could be seen on these intrepid walkers, while leather featured prominently in nearly every outfit.  Diesel designers took the opportunity presented by sheer black to allow delicate whites to show silently through.  Denim even made an appearance, contributing to the “rock & roll” feel, studded and accented with lace to add flair to the ordinary.


The subtle setting of this particular runway used careful lighting to introduce each model from the shadows in suspenseful allure.  A shining silver stage added a beautiful accent to the dreaminess of the line and awed all names in fashion who attended.  What’s ahead for Diesel Black Gold?  Short skirts and long jackets to highlight them, with lots of leather to boot.


By Lindsey K Cook