Two versions of the new Calibre chronograph.

Cartier’s Calibre Collection to Get Chronograph in 2013

Cartier is building upon its celebrated Calibre collection of watches with the addition of a chronograph version, to be released in 2013.

The Calibre collection was first released in 2010, the first mass-produced series of Cartier watches to feature a movement made in-house. This was an exciting development as Cartier-made movements had previously only been a feature of Cartier’s highest-end peices. Since the Calibre collection first hit the wrists of Cartier fans everywhere, the company has built upon the original designs by adding bracelet options and now—a chronograph.

The movement of the new Calibre chronograph is the new Manufacture chronograph movement, 1904-CH MC. This new self-winding movement features a precise setting system and an internal ceramic ball-bearing system used to counteract the strong pressures the movement is subjected to, ensuring the movement’s extreme durability. The self-winding mechanism of this movement does not depend on the traditional reversers but rather an innovative click system, which increases the chronograph’s winding speed—something also aided by the two-direction winding system, which ensures that the movement is wound whatever the direction of its rotation.

As the first self-winding chronograph movement produced by Cartier, the chronograph will be making a splash with eight models to be available and leather strap or metal bracelet options also available from the very start. The chronograph face is symmetrical, featuring sword-shaped hands. The upper half of the watch features Roman numerals and the lower half tickmarks. On either side of the dial are the chronograph counters, which tell the minute and hour. An enlarged date counter is position in the 6 o’clock position, mirrored by the Cartier logo at the 12 o’clock position. The overall look is of a clean, stylish timepiece, one that retains the familiar and celebrated Calibre caseshape but but nevertheless showcases Cartier’s latest in-house movement.

This latest offering from the Calibre collection is sure to be a hit with fans of Cartier watches everywhere, and more exciting timepieces are sure to come from the brand.

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