Is Fossil Ready For An $895 Swiss Automatic Watch?

Written by Selena DiGiovanni


We’ve all heard of Fossil. For most of the population, this brand offers reasonably affordable watches, often pricing out at around $100. But in a new collaboration, Fossil is looking to change up their reputation.


In a surprising turn, the Texas-based Fossil has teamed up with Swiss watchmakers to create a new collection of Swiss Made watches.


This collection will feature three new models: the Fossil Swiss Automatic, the Fossil Swiss Chronograph and the Fossil Swiss Day+Date. The latter of these three styles are both Swiss Quartz functions.


The most talked about version available is the Fossil Swiss Automatic. This timepiece features a 38 millimeter steel case in a rose gold-tone which holds a sapphire double dome crystal face. The curved blue dial holds curved hands, which emphasize the craftsmanship and precision put into this piece. The Fossil Swiss Automatic is finished off with a simple brown leather strap with stitching.


CoFSW1003_main_4ntained within the Fossil Swiss Automatic is a STP-1-11 Swiss Made movement. This piece is self winding, and also has a date function. The inner workings of the Fossil Swiss Automatic can be seen through the caseback in a modern clear display which contrasts with the military feel of the piece as a whole.


But the price tag for these pieces is making waves. In a bold move, Fossil has priced these timepieces at $895. This makes these simple watches completely out of Fossil’s current price pool, but also far cheaper than any finely crafted timepieces that watch collectors would be interested in. This may mean that Fossil is aiming at an entirely new group of buyers somewhere in between the two known watch worlds.


Despite their modest design and uncomplicated inner workings, these watches are beautiful in their simplicity. With a style that is fairly military, these pieces have an understated beauty that is often overlooked in a world where diamonds and gems cover every inch of space available. And the addition of Swiss engineering makes these watches both durable and smart. This combination of subtle beauty and humble smarts create a timepiece worth investing in.


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