Roger Dubuis Campaign Wins Award

By Kidist Amanuel

Since 2007, the Swiss publishing house, Ringier, has annually awarded the best watchmaking ad campaign. For its fifth edition, the new Roger Dubuis advertising campaign was awarded the Premier Prix du Jury in the Print/Poster category on October 26 by the Swiss publishing house. The campaign won because of its innovative concept and beautiful display of artwork. According to reports, the Swiss publishing house awarded Roger Dubuis the honor of 2012 watchmaking campaign of the year because the jury was impressed by the originality and fantasy aspect of the campaign.


Since established in 1995, the Geneva watchmaking company Roger Dubuis has been one of the leading contemporary Haute Horlogerie. Its bold designs and extravagant looks have become the brand’s signatures. The daring designs are also matched by one of the finest watchmaking mechanisms. The fully integrated Manufacture Roger Dubuis is the only watchmaker that has all its timepieces embossed with Poincon de Geneve and 100% certified. The concept of this brand are imaginative and forwoard thinking, as evident by its timepieces. The new La Monegasque, Excalibur, Pulsion, and Velvet collections, distributed worldwide, are all part of this campaign and capture the fantasy to reality theme often witnessed with the brand.


Roger Dubuis introduced the La Monegasque line of watches in 2011 in the historic Monte Carlo district Monaco. The watches in this collection feature contemporary case designs with squared off edges and interesting complications and mechanisms. From the unique straps to its interesting dials, the appealing aesthetics of the La Monegasque are matched by high performances. The powerful designs and excellent technical details are also seen in the Excalibur model. This model features over-sized round case, a fluted bezel, and very unique and interesting Roman numerals in the dial. The Excalibur also features Roger Dubuis most sophisticated movements.



The last two models that are part of the campaign are the Pulsion and the Velvet collections. The Pulsion is one of Roger Dubuis recently revealed collections that feature a tourbillon as well as a chronograph. The chronograph features a beautiful multi-layered dial in a big rugged case. Adding to the multi-layer look of the dial is the sapphire crystal, which is directly screwed on to the dial. Both the chronograph and tourbillon models come in various versions. The Velvet watch collection is also one of Roger Dubuis newest collection. There are several Velvet models offered with different jewelry and design. One of the interesting features of these watches is the graphic split-level dials that create an interesting depth effect.


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