The Anti-Valentine’s ArtyA Werewolf Blood and Bullets Revisited

When we first saw the ArtyA Werewolf Blood and Bullets watch this past Halloween, it made us want to howl– it definitely deserves mention. Although we were unable to cover it at the time, we thought it wouldn’t kill you to get to take a peek at such an interesting piece. And just in time to balance out all the Valentine’s Day chatter.


At first glance, the ArtyA Werewolf Blood and Bullets watch shockingly pierces the mind’s visual senses and raises the question, “Are those bullets or two very ornate fangs?” Of course, after its shocking appeal dissipates, a closer observation reveals watchmaker ArtyA artistic expression of werewolf blood and silver bullets cleverly captured in a striking timepiece.


The Werewolf Blood and Bullets watch roams the night (or day) with a 47mm wide steel watch case. The dial has two handmade silver bullets that have been forged, engraved and rubbed with garlic (a combo meant to kill werewolves) and disturbingly reveals the blood of a werewolf’s victim. It contains an automatic Swiss Made movement to keep those willing to run with werewolves well aware of the time – be it under a full moon or the very eve of Halloween. The ArtyA Team is said to have manufactured this shocking timepiece under a full moon in Geneva (cue eerie music).


ArtyA founder Ivan Arpa’s wild avant-garde approach to watchmaking is literally changing the face of haute horlogerie. His watch designs have often been interpreted to border on the precipice of genius and insanity. Whatever the perception of the Werewolf Blood and Bullets watch, it is an undeniable piece of art.



ArtyA timepieces are a perfect formulation of watchmaking and artistry. The watchmaker’s timepieces often contain genuine biological elements. ArtyA created a collection called “Farfalla” (Italian for butterfly). The dials of this collection were made from actual butterfly wings. Last year for Halloween ArtyA created a special Spider watch which contained an actual dead spider.  Another watch that garnered quite a bit of discussion was a watch dial made of petrified dinosaur feces with a watch strap made of black cane toad skin, whose skin is poisonous while it is alive. It’s safe to say that the manufacturing of ArtyA watches while artistic, border on the shockingly bizarre as well.


The Werewolf Blood and Bullets watch definitely measures up to ArtyA genius and insanity echelon. Collectors wanting to add a watch with both shock and artisitc value to their special collection will more than achieve it with the Werewolf Blood and Bullets timepiece. However, collectors beware; this watch has a bite that makes the time reading experience contagious!

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