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HYT has Already Won Multiple Awards for the H1

Launched earlier this year, HYT’s revolutionary new H1 watch has already garnered several international awards for its innovative design.

So far HYT has been awarded the Best Concept Watch Award in Meciso’s prestigious Salon Internacional Alta Relojera. The second award HYT has already garnered comes from New Delhi, where HYT yet again won the Best Concept Watch Award 2012, at the Watch World Award 2012 ceremony. HYT has also been awarded the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix Award 2012 for Best Innovative Watch Concept 2012.

The H1 combines fluid mechanics and traditional clockwork to create a unique means of telling the time. A capillary circles the watch casing, and this tube is filled with a carefully engineered combination of liquids—one brightly colored, the other transparent. Due to the difference in viscosity of these liquids the clear liquid and colored liquid remain separated. Two small reservoirs-cum-bellows serve to both store the liquid as well as pump it through the capillary. The end result is that as the amount of colored liquid increases in the tube the amount of transparent liquid decreases, and the meniscus between the different-colored liquids marks out the hours as it passes the twelve hour marks on the H1’s bevel. A more conventional counter is used to mark the minutes. Together, the hour-marking action of the capillary and bellows plus the conventional ticking of the minutes form a unique, innovative, and exciting means of telling the time.

The reservoir-cum-bellows that hold and move the liquid are visible through the lower half of the H1’s face, lending the watch a H1 a rugged appearance. The clear sapphire crystal back of the watch displays the conventional movement of the watch’s interior. This clockwork not only drives the reservoirs but the minute marker. The H1 is a watch that wears its inner workings as a badge of honor and it has so far been released in four different colorways: Titanium, Black DLC, Black DLC-Pink Gold, and Pink Gold.

With three awards already under its belt, there can be no doubt that HYT has already made its mark on the watchmaking world. There’s no doubt that further experiments in watchmaking are to come from this young, innovative company.