Give Your Timeless Love the Gift of Time

If this Valentine’s Day you are looking for more than a chocolate and flowers kind of present, it’s time to consider one of the most quintessential gifts of love: the watch.

Maybe your lady loves adventuring in the great outdoors more than the delicate nature of diamonds, or perhaps you have showered her with all forms of earrings and necklaces and want something special for this year.  A watch is an elegant–and yet sturdy–piece to complement any woman’s style as well as her sense of beauty and practicality.  And a few diamonds in a watch face never hurt anyone…

Sure your guy might always be jonesing for video games and sports gear, but incorporate him into a life of romance with you and pick something more special.  Nothing says manly and sophisticated like a classic watch.  Business like or combat style, a watch can add nuance to his fashion choices and a become a treasured memento of your love for him.

When you think romance, it’s easy to imagine something special and intimate, like the perfect watch complete with personalized engraving.  Remind him or her of your favorite nicknames, quotes or place of meeting.  List the lines to your song or make a promise that will last, maybe even longer than that smile on their face.
Davidoff-Very-Zino-Valentine-Day-Watch-Mens-CrownSometimes the simple and sentimental gifts are the best.  And giving your special someone a watch can say a lot about the timelessness of your relationship.  Even better if you accent the gift with a few well chosen words.  Count back to the moment you first knew you loved your person–or maybe to your first date to be safe–and write the amount in extended form in big letters on a card. For example: “I’ve loved you for 1,208 days, 3 hours and 34 minutes”.  Play with the element of time to make a point and a memory that will be remembered throughout the rest of your time together.

With a gift so classic, you can show your desire to honor both your relationship and the quality of timelessness you see in it.  Start traditions to complement the elegance of your time together.  Set a time, perhaps 11:11 or the corresponding dates of your anniversary, and agree that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you will think of your partner and smile.  Create a tangible link between you to represent the forever connection you share.

Time is that ever elusive and always illustrious factor in our lives.  Choose to give the gift of a timepiece and with it an increment of time together to match every number on the dial.

This holiday, show you will treasure his or her heart throughout all time and for longer than that glowing new watch will tick.

Written by Lindsey Cook

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