All three Ball for BMW models.

Watchmaking Meets Automobiles in the New Ball for BMW Collection

Ball and BMW have teamed up to release a collection of watches that combines the highest standard of watch-making with slick automobile glamour.

This collaboration between two major luxury brands was first announced months ago and the collection consists of three models, with a total of 28 non-limited versions. The models are the Classic, GMT, and Power Reserve. All three models feature detailing that echoes classic BMW design, including discreet renditions of the BMW logo. However, as befits its dual heritage, all models also feature the distinctive tritium tube gas illumination that is particular of Ball’s timepieces, and all three will feature COSC-certified automatic movements.

The Classic model’s face is distinguished by the round BMW logo that is engraved in the watch face and located across the 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions. A date counter is located at the 3 o’clock face. The overall impression is sleek and minimalist. The GMT design features a sportier, more rugged design, with a dark watch face that marks the house, minutes, and seconds with markings that recall the dashboard of a BMW vehicle. The date counter is again located in the 3 o’clock position, but this time a small, discreet color BMW logo is located next to it.

The final Power Reserve model combines the previous two models in its look. The watch face has the same dashboard-echoing design of the GMT, as well as the same date counter and BMW logo in the 3 o’clock position. However, it features the same round detail in the lower lefthand corner of the watch face as the Classic—though in the Power Reserve the round inset serves as an indicator of the watch’s titular power reserve, as opposed to simple decoration.

All three models additionally have the BMW logo embossed on the dial and come in a variety of colorways. The Classic comes with metal bracelet or leather strap while the GMT and Power Reserve come with metal bracelet and leather or rubber strap. Coming soon is a limited edition model that will feature a thermometer as part of its design.

This beautiful collection is a wonderful fusion of Ball and BMW design, featuring signature BMW design details while retaining the distinctive look and feel of Ball’s quality timepieces. These are truly watches for any fan of the BMW lifestyle.

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