A Closer Look at two AX Men’s Chronographs

Written By: Elle G.



Strong and dynamic, the Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch AX1183 could be the watch you need. With an athletic design, and quality interior, who says you can’t have it all? This watch is priced at $240, making it both desirable and affordable.



The main colors on the watch are black, silver, and red. This lends solid, tough look. The watch face background is black with texturing.- the very center has vertical stripes, which are surrounded by vertical boxes. The black edge has tick marks to help represent the time. Encircling the watch face is a black ring. To distinguish the black face from the black outer ring is a red band. The red has silver tick marks delineating seconds as well. The flow of the colors gives the watch a race car themed style.


The three sub-dials on the face are visually similar to a car dashboard, continuing the racecar theme. The silver tick marks are similar to speedometer marks. The dial has a second, minute, and hour hand- the second hand is red, and the minute and hour hands are silver.


The Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch AX1183 wrist band is silver and black. The sleek look brings out a modern appeal. The watch’s band is imprinted with an X for their brand A|X. The knob on the side of the watch is silver surrounded by red adjusters. The watch also has a month display, which is displayed at the bottom of the watch face. The colors, designs, and features, make this watch bold, modern, and athletic.


However, this watch may not suit all tastes. The Emporio Armani Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch AR5928 also has a distinct, sporty look. The watch’s colors are simpler featuring only black and silver. The face, bezel, hands, and wrist band are all black. The numbers are distinguished by pulling out different shades of grey. The only white on the watch is on the bezel where hour markers are featured. This watch may suit those that want a tougher sport look, though it’s at a higher price point than the Armani Exchange at $375.

The Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch AX1183 is a watch for athletes, gentlemen, and the financially considerate. Without breaking the bank, you can have quality, style, and functionality.

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