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A Closer Look at two AX Men’s Chronographs

Written By: Elle G.



Strong and dynamic, the Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch AX1183 could be the watch you need. With an athletic design, and quality interior, who says you can’t have it all? This watch is priced at $240, making it both desirable and affordable.



The main colors on the watch are black, silver, and red. This lends solid, tough look. The watch face background is black with texturing.- the very center has vertical stripes, which are surrounded by vertical boxes. The black edge has tick marks to help represent the time. Encircling the watch face is a black ring. To distinguish the black face from the black outer ring is a red band. The red has silver tick marks delineating seconds as well. The flow of the colors gives the watch a race car themed style.


The three sub-dials on the face are visually similar to a car dashboard, continuing the racecar theme. The silver tick marks are similar to speedometer marks. The dial has a second, minute, and hour hand- the second hand is red, and the minute and hour hands are silver.


The Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch AX1183 wrist band is silver and black. The sleek look brings out a modern appeal. The watch’s band is imprinted with an X for their brand A|X. The knob on the side of the watch is silver surrounded by red adjusters. The watch also has a month display, which is displayed at the bottom of the watch face. The colors, designs, and features, make this watch bold, modern, and athletic.


However, this watch may not suit all tastes. The Emporio Armani Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch AR5928 also has a distinct, sporty look. The watch’s colors are simpler featuring only black and silver. The face, bezel, hands, and wrist band are all black. The numbers are distinguished by pulling out different shades of grey. The only white on the watch is on the bezel where hour markers are featured. This watch may suit those that want a tougher sport look, though it’s at a higher price point than the Armani Exchange at $375.

The Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch AX1183 is a watch for athletes, gentlemen, and the financially considerate. Without breaking the bank, you can have quality, style, and functionality.

2013: A Great Year for Baselworld

Written by Evan Gabriel




Both Baselworld and the watch industry have come a long way since the days of the Swiss Watch Show during the early twentieth century. From April 25 through May 2, 2013, industry connoisseurs will gather at the world’s most popular timepiece convention.


Baselworld: the World Watch and Jewelry Show, is like the start of the season for many jewelry manufactures because it defines the mechanical and stylistic tone for the rest of the year.


Some top brands at Baselworld include Carl F. Bucherer, Patek Philippe, Roberto Coin, Omega, Rolex, Swatch and Rado, but a plethora of other fashion and jewelry designers will no doubt be in attendance.




As the leading horological exhibition globally, Baselworld attracts timepiece marketers, traders, manufacturers, merchandisers and worldwide press to convene, view and buy the industry’s newest watches.


Marc Alexander Hayek from Breguet calls the exhibition his “favorite week of the year,” and believes that many other leading figures in the industry feel the same way.


Baselworld is a critical point in the year because it provides the backdrop for watch and jewelry designers to not only show where their brands are headed, but also to foster relationships with buyers.


Thierry Stern of Patek Philippe points out that this week is where manufacturers display their hard work from the past year for the pleasure of others.


Being in the epicenter of the watch industry allows CEOs such as Hublot’s Jean-Claude Biver to analyze where his company is in relation to other designers.


“This is where we see, globally, all our clients,” Robert Coin said regarding the importance of getting to know your partners and customers.


This year’s Baselworld will take place for eight days at the Exhibition Center Basel in Switzerland.


To learn more about Baselworld, please visit or to view pictures of the event visit

Ice-Watch and BMW Team Up for DTM’s 2013 Season

Written by Evan Gabriel


Belgian watchmakers Ice-Watch and BMW Motorsport have officially linked up as partners for the 2013 BTM season. Ice-Watch will have an emblem on the body, roof, and hood of the #21 Ice-Watch BMW M3 DTM racing car.



As the “pinnacle of touring car racing,” according to the DTM (or “Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft”) website, the series is considered not only one of Germany’s but Europe’s most prominent annual sporting events.


Jens Marquardt, BMW Motorsport director, was enthusiastic about their new Premium Partner.


“We are pleased to be working with a partner like Ice-Watch, which sets new trends in its industry and has a dynamic image,” Marquardt said.



Now let me introduce you to the face of this colossal partnership: Marco Whittman.


While BMW was recently expanding its team to eight, Whittman got signed onto Team MTKE as the seventh DTM driver for the 2013 season. At only 23 years old, Whittman is the team’s youngest driver.




Ice-Watch is a Belgian company and is only six years old but already sells timepieces in over 100 countries.


Head of Ice-Watch Jean-Pierre Lyutgen deemed this collaboration as “proof that the Ice-Watch brand has a reputation of a stable and reliable partners,” before noting the company has “achieved a new vision of watches, affordable prices and a wide range of patterns and colors and constant innovations.”


With its 29th anniversary approaching, the DTM series isn’t that much older than the driver of the new Ice-Watch BMW M3 DTM.


“The very first time I saw the design of my DTM car for 2013, I fell in love with it,” Whittman said.


For BMW Motorsport and Ice-Watch, the track ahead looks bright in the glistening sunlight.


“I’m sure we’ll see these amazing models on the wrists of many of the races in the DTM season in 2013,” Marquardt said.

Is Fossil Ready For An $895 Swiss Automatic Watch?

Written by Selena DiGiovanni


We’ve all heard of Fossil. For most of the population, this brand offers reasonably affordable watches, often pricing out at around $100. But in a new collaboration, Fossil is looking to change up their reputation.


In a surprising turn, the Texas-based Fossil has teamed up with Swiss watchmakers to create a new collection of Swiss Made watches.


This collection will feature three new models: the Fossil Swiss Automatic, the Fossil Swiss Chronograph and the Fossil Swiss Day+Date. The latter of these three styles are both Swiss Quartz functions.


The most talked about version available is the Fossil Swiss Automatic. This timepiece features a 38 millimeter steel case in a rose gold-tone which holds a sapphire double dome crystal face. The curved blue dial holds curved hands, which emphasize the craftsmanship and precision put into this piece. The Fossil Swiss Automatic is finished off with a simple brown leather strap with stitching.


CoFSW1003_main_4ntained within the Fossil Swiss Automatic is a STP-1-11 Swiss Made movement. This piece is self winding, and also has a date function. The inner workings of the Fossil Swiss Automatic can be seen through the caseback in a modern clear display which contrasts with the military feel of the piece as a whole.


But the price tag for these pieces is making waves. In a bold move, Fossil has priced these timepieces at $895. This makes these simple watches completely out of Fossil’s current price pool, but also far cheaper than any finely crafted timepieces that watch collectors would be interested in. This may mean that Fossil is aiming at an entirely new group of buyers somewhere in between the two known watch worlds.


Despite their modest design and uncomplicated inner workings, these watches are beautiful in their simplicity. With a style that is fairly military, these pieces have an understated beauty that is often overlooked in a world where diamonds and gems cover every inch of space available. And the addition of Swiss engineering makes these watches both durable and smart. This combination of subtle beauty and humble smarts create a timepiece worth investing in.


For more information, visit

TAG Heuer brands more than just luxury watches

As perhaps the most recognized name in luxury watchmaking, TAG Heuer may be lending their name within the world of sailing.


Legendary Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer will be joining forces with a young group of sailors in the 34th Annual Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, which will take place this summer in San Francisco, Calif. The young Swiss team will participate as TEAM TILT in the event. Comprised of six young men, ages 19 to 24, they will compete against nine other strong opponents for the title and coveted trophy.


It’s the perfect match–a Swiss brand and a Swiss team, working side by side at the highest level of competitive sailing,” said TAG Heuer President and CEO Jean-Christophe Babin. “We are very proud and excited to be partnered with this next generation of racing talent. TAG Heuer and Team Tilt are driven by the same values: high-tech, precision, tradition and 100% passion for competition. We hope that this exciting experience will stimulate future Swiss projects. We would be very proud, for example, to be associated with a Swiss bid for the 35th America’s Cup.”


The Swiss team branded by TAG Heuer will be competing in a 72ft AC72 wing-sail catamaran sailboat and a 45ft AC45 class sailboat, a smaller version of the aforementioned.  The smaller AC45 for their preliminary races, and the larger for the finals. The racers must face harsh conditions on the water- strong winds, waves and possible capsizing to claim victory for their country. Sailing on a 72-foot catamaran vessel has its own challenges without the added elements of Mother Nature.


If all these challenges can be overcome and the young racers outwit and outlast their opponents on race day, sailing may become TAG Heuer’s new business front. Should the Swiss team knock off the defending champions, the BMW Oracle Racing team of Germany, then TAG Heuer will have much more to promote than fine wristwatches.

The Anti-Valentine’s ArtyA Werewolf Blood and Bullets Revisited

When we first saw the ArtyA Werewolf Blood and Bullets watch this past Halloween, it made us want to howl– it definitely deserves mention. Although we were unable to cover it at the time, we thought it wouldn’t kill you to get to take a peek at such an interesting piece. And just in time to balance out all the Valentine’s Day chatter.


At first glance, the ArtyA Werewolf Blood and Bullets watch shockingly pierces the mind’s visual senses and raises the question, “Are those bullets or two very ornate fangs?” Of course, after its shocking appeal dissipates, a closer observation reveals watchmaker ArtyA artistic expression of werewolf blood and silver bullets cleverly captured in a striking timepiece.


The Werewolf Blood and Bullets watch roams the night (or day) with a 47mm wide steel watch case. The dial has two handmade silver bullets that have been forged, engraved and rubbed with garlic (a combo meant to kill werewolves) and disturbingly reveals the blood of a werewolf’s victim. It contains an automatic Swiss Made movement to keep those willing to run with werewolves well aware of the time – be it under a full moon or the very eve of Halloween. The ArtyA Team is said to have manufactured this shocking timepiece under a full moon in Geneva (cue eerie music).


ArtyA founder Ivan Arpa’s wild avant-garde approach to watchmaking is literally changing the face of haute horlogerie. His watch designs have often been interpreted to border on the precipice of genius and insanity. Whatever the perception of the Werewolf Blood and Bullets watch, it is an undeniable piece of art.



ArtyA timepieces are a perfect formulation of watchmaking and artistry. The watchmaker’s timepieces often contain genuine biological elements. ArtyA created a collection called “Farfalla” (Italian for butterfly). The dials of this collection were made from actual butterfly wings. Last year for Halloween ArtyA created a special Spider watch which contained an actual dead spider.  Another watch that garnered quite a bit of discussion was a watch dial made of petrified dinosaur feces with a watch strap made of black cane toad skin, whose skin is poisonous while it is alive. It’s safe to say that the manufacturing of ArtyA watches while artistic, border on the shockingly bizarre as well.


The Werewolf Blood and Bullets watch definitely measures up to ArtyA genius and insanity echelon. Collectors wanting to add a watch with both shock and artisitc value to their special collection will more than achieve it with the Werewolf Blood and Bullets timepiece. However, collectors beware; this watch has a bite that makes the time reading experience contagious!

Invicta CEO Proves Very Generous

Written by: Jason Garoutte

In May of 2012, a soldier in the U.S. Army was supposed to receive a care package from his family, of which contained a new Invicta brand wristwatch. The package never made it to the Lieutenant, as it was stolen from a postal worker at JFK International Airport.


The CEO of Invicta, Eyal Lalo, heard about this story online and immediately took action. Through online social media and news networks, he was able to locate where the Lieutenant was stationed so he could replace the stolen watch. He did just that and more.

Invicta CEO


Not only did he replace the watch that was originally stolen, but he sent the other 48 soldiers in the Lieutenant’s platoon an Invicta watch as well. All in all, Lalo sent out over $70,000 worth of watches overseas to show support for the troops, in this case stationed in Germany.


Invicta Watch Group has been generous in many other situations as well. They helped found and operate the non-profit Invicta Care Foundation which provides aid to a multitude of causes.


In 2005, The Invicta Care Foundation raised $127,846 to support disaster relief causes related to Hurricane Katrina. The donation was given to the American Red Cross to help those in need after the hurricane’s destruction.


In 2010, The Invicta Care Foundation financially supported the Emmaus Medical Mission to help the poverty stricken community of Mindo, Ecuador.


This kind of generosity tends to go unnoticed in such a busy world. Lately, with the economy being in recession CEOs of major companies are under alot of criticism for greed-induced actions in the public eye. The age of Occupy Wall St. strikes and protests are very reflective of the public’s view of big business.


It’s refreshing to see the CEO of Invicta proving just the opposite with his numerous generous offerings. In the end, Invicta continues to make luxury watches here in the US- and you can bet the next time someone is in need or disaster strikes, CEO Eyal Lalo will be there to set a stellar philanthropic example for all big business to follow.

Fossil Offers Huge Array of Sale Items for Valentines

The day of couples and love is fast approaching. For some, it is with dread that they consider the pressures of finding the right present for Valentine’s Day. Even worse is the prospect of finding something that wont break the bank. In tough economic times, most young couples do not want to carry the guilt of knowing your significant other is in debt $500 for a one-time Valentine’s purchase. Luckily, Fossil has great Valentine’s Day gifts for her that won’t include the pressures of a hyper-price-inflated gift. With

large_20130112121522_dcad4a002ab756ffa0d3003541c1919a margins for under $50, under $100, and under $200 every financial set is covered thanks to Fossil’s Valentine’s Day sale website. This year’s Valentines Day sale at Fossil is ranging from their well-known watches to belts, sunglasses, purses, and charm bracelets.


The under $50 selection at Fossil offers a colorful arrangement of charms, necklaces, purses, and other jewelry.The Marlow Bifold wallet, for example, comes in several bright colors and offers a cute and petite way to organize for only $35. Made with leather and jacquard lining, the Marlow style is also available in other forms, such as a slightly larger wristlet for $45. Or, if the lady in your life leans towards practicality in her gifts, one of Fossils many unique and brightly colored phone covers may do the trick. There is also an array of animal and floral themed charms available in the under $50 range, just right for anyone with a charm bracelet or looking to start one. Small, silver rabbits, hippos, bees, and dragonflys paved in crystals are all available from $24 to about $28.



The next tier of merchandise costs around $60-$70, and boasts slick aviator and cat-eye sunglasses, leather flats, and belts.

ES3137_mainThe Georgia Leather Watch, for example, comes in at only $75 with a shiny 32mm steel case and is offered in teal, white, and bone shades. For a little more ($95), the Heather Mini Stainless Steel Watch offers a classic look with its super-slim stainless steel bracelet and petite 26mm case in sand, brown, or grey. All water-resistant to 5 ATM (atmospheres), these watches will certainly enchant even the pickiest to buy for.



Lastly there is the under $200 aisle, showing the best Fossil has to offer. The


Stella Stainless Steel Watch and the Editor Leather

Watch are some of the big

statement pieces, reminiscent of refinement and tradition. With its sparkling dial and rose gold color, the $135 Stella is a great investment into any couple’s future. There is also the eye-catching Georgia Leather Watch, showing two contrasting leather straps winding around the wrist, with accents on the dial. The piece, at only $115, also boasts an Adjust-O-Matic closure on the strap to allow comfort for every wrist size. Aqua, cream, and chocolate colored leather purses and bags at this price tier also aim to please with their sophisticated yet chic presentation.





The stress of getting the “right” gift can be very much lessened by this wide array offered by Fossil this year. Many items have been marked down by as much as $30, helping those who are set to save this year still impress their loved ones.


Written by Amani Liggett

Bell and Ross Reveal New Collections at International Automobile Festival

The 28th International Automobile Festival took off on January 29th, 2013 at the Hotel National de Invalides in Paris with the help of Bell and Ross. A brand known for its flawless designs, Bell and Ross was right at home. The International Automobile Festival is known for its high-end designs, trend-setting and setting new standards. This is why Bell and Ross was the perfect match to help host; each of those qualities pertain to their watches.


Presided by Christophe Moulin, there were thirteen Grand Prix awards handed out throughout the evening. The CEO of Bell and Ross, Carlos Rosillo, was one of the judges and gave Jacky Ickx the Palme d’Or award. Bell and Ross was then able to use the event to show off their newest watch collections. These collections were no doubt of high interest to the car lovers due to the matching mechanical advances in each.


While the public was not welcome to the opening date, cars and watches were on display for them from January 30th – February 3rd. You can find information about Bell and Ross’ newest collections at


Written by: Stacy McCullough

Give Your Timeless Love the Gift of Time

If this Valentine’s Day you are looking for more than a chocolate and flowers kind of present, it’s time to consider one of the most quintessential gifts of love: the watch.

Maybe your lady loves adventuring in the great outdoors more than the delicate nature of diamonds, or perhaps you have showered her with all forms of earrings and necklaces and want something special for this year.  A watch is an elegant–and yet sturdy–piece to complement any woman’s style as well as her sense of beauty and practicality.  And a few diamonds in a watch face never hurt anyone…

Sure your guy might always be jonesing for video games and sports gear, but incorporate him into a life of romance with you and pick something more special.  Nothing says manly and sophisticated like a classic watch.  Business like or combat style, a watch can add nuance to his fashion choices and a become a treasured memento of your love for him.

When you think romance, it’s easy to imagine something special and intimate, like the perfect watch complete with personalized engraving.  Remind him or her of your favorite nicknames, quotes or place of meeting.  List the lines to your song or make a promise that will last, maybe even longer than that smile on their face.
Davidoff-Very-Zino-Valentine-Day-Watch-Mens-CrownSometimes the simple and sentimental gifts are the best.  And giving your special someone a watch can say a lot about the timelessness of your relationship.  Even better if you accent the gift with a few well chosen words.  Count back to the moment you first knew you loved your person–or maybe to your first date to be safe–and write the amount in extended form in big letters on a card. For example: “I’ve loved you for 1,208 days, 3 hours and 34 minutes”.  Play with the element of time to make a point and a memory that will be remembered throughout the rest of your time together.

With a gift so classic, you can show your desire to honor both your relationship and the quality of timelessness you see in it.  Start traditions to complement the elegance of your time together.  Set a time, perhaps 11:11 or the corresponding dates of your anniversary, and agree that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you will think of your partner and smile.  Create a tangible link between you to represent the forever connection you share.

Time is that ever elusive and always illustrious factor in our lives.  Choose to give the gift of a timepiece and with it an increment of time together to match every number on the dial.

This holiday, show you will treasure his or her heart throughout all time and for longer than that glowing new watch will tick.

Written by Lindsey Cook