Fossil Editor Collection Review

Written by Lindsey Cook


This spring’s new crush comes in vibrant colors, elegant leather and altogether impossible style for him or her to resist.  Fossil’s the Editor Leather Collection is an exclusive set of watches unlike anything seen in this season or any other.

Fossil’s brand takes a word set in the archaic, and turns out pieces which create a name as the utmost in class and versatility.  The Editor Leather Collection calls to mind the frank class of its title and the vintage charm inherent in the company.  Both aspects are then melded seamlessly with modern flares of fashion.  The emergence of this colorful new line sets a tone for spring unlike any other, causing one to question: “How chic can one watch be?”

The treasure of these fantastic timepieces lies in the perfecting of classic jewel tones framed in a subtle stainless steel case to highlight the watch’s many aspects.  92 delicate crystals stud the refined features of this watch face, with details that are elusively feminine while still accessible to the laid-back style of the most masculine wearer.  The smooth leather of the 16mm band reflects the shimmery shade of the watch face, complementing and matching color that won’t fail to catch admiring eyes.  With calmly assertive numbers and arms set to analog quartz movement, the parameters of quality are met and exceeded in this necessary accessory.

For Fossil does not sacrifice functionality to the worthy gods of style, and each Editor leather timepiece is water resistant to 5 ATM, allowing the occasional shower or dip in the pool without worry.  And with the dress clasp firmly keeping your timepiece wrist-bound  there is no need to fear loss of watch or lack of fashion.  Still concerned?  Fossil gifts an 11-year warranty with this watch along with proof of impeccable taste and confidence of timeliness.  Or at least the confident knowledge of being tardy…

At a mere $145, the crisp cut of color and elegance set in these timepieces could not better spell out spring than the robins and ducklings around you.  Don’t let winter blues keep you from enjoying the Editor Leather Collection from Fossil, in coral, aqua, lime or all three!  On the very brink of its entrance into society, seize the chance to be one of the first to sport this true gem of a timepiece and welcome the new season with a flash of color.  All that’s left is for you to provide the bright, cheerful smile to match.…

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