Invicta CEO Proves Very Generous

Written by: Jason Garoutte

In May of 2012, a soldier in the U.S. Army was supposed to receive a care package from his family, of which contained a new Invicta brand wristwatch. The package never made it to the Lieutenant, as it was stolen from a postal worker at JFK International Airport.


The CEO of Invicta, Eyal Lalo, heard about this story online and immediately took action. Through online social media and news networks, he was able to locate where the Lieutenant was stationed so he could replace the stolen watch. He did just that and more.

Invicta CEO


Not only did he replace the watch that was originally stolen, but he sent the other 48 soldiers in the Lieutenant’s platoon an Invicta watch as well. All in all, Lalo sent out over $70,000 worth of watches overseas to show support for the troops, in this case stationed in Germany.


Invicta Watch Group has been generous in many other situations as well. They helped found and operate the non-profit Invicta Care Foundation which provides aid to a multitude of causes.


In 2005, The Invicta Care Foundation raised $127,846 to support disaster relief causes related to Hurricane Katrina. The donation was given to the American Red Cross to help those in need after the hurricane’s destruction.


In 2010, The Invicta Care Foundation financially supported the Emmaus Medical Mission to help the poverty stricken community of Mindo, Ecuador.


This kind of generosity tends to go unnoticed in such a busy world. Lately, with the economy being in recession CEOs of major companies are under alot of criticism for greed-induced actions in the public eye. The age of Occupy Wall St. strikes and protests are very reflective of the public’s view of big business.


It’s refreshing to see the CEO of Invicta proving just the opposite with his numerous generous offerings. In the end, Invicta continues to make luxury watches here in the US- and you can bet the next time someone is in need or disaster strikes, CEO Eyal Lalo will be there to set a stellar philanthropic example for all big business to follow.

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