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Tissot Reveals Heritage Navigator to Celebrate 160 Years

Luxury watchmaker Tissot is celebrating their 160th anniversary this year by releasing their new Heritage Navigator Watch.  The Navigator was a luxury watch originally released in 1953, but Tissot has taken to updating it to create an even more elegant piece.

One of the most visible changes between the 1953 Navigator and today’s is the size of the case. Originally a small 36mm, it has now been made to measure in at 43mm. The Heritage Navigator has a stainless steel case with a beautiful black dial. The colors compliment each other so well, the band is also made from black leather. The dial has Arabic numbers and a multitude of city names. You have the ability to choose the city you want to know the time of and the bezel will show the time zone. The face is covered by a crystal glass and coated with a non-reflective cover so that you won’t face any glares. And if you choose to take it swimming, Tissot made sure to create a water resistant watch of up to thirty meters. The back of the watch is skeleton so that you can see the automatic chronometer movement.

Tissot has yet to release a price on their new Heritage Navigator Watch. However, if you are looking for an updated classic piece, this is it. The Navigator is a luxurious watch that is also quite simplistic making for a beautiful timepiece. This is truly a watch that will last years and garnish compliments from everyone. It may be Tissot’s 160th year, but our wrists are the ones celebrating.

Written by: Stacy McCullough


Beautiful In Black: TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Chronograph

Written by: K. Amanuel

TAG HEUER launched four new Carrera timepieces at the SIHH 2013 show in Geneva to celebrate and commemorate 50 years of Carrera. The iconic Carrera model was first launched in 1963 and had success as it became popular among professional motor racing drivers. All the new models presented for the anniversary make use of in-house mechanism. One of the timepieces introduced at the show was the TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Titanium Racing Chronograph.

The “all in black” TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Chronograph is powered by in-house Caliber 1887. Through the sapphire case-back, one can observe the self-winding mechanism and the integrated column-wheel chronograph movement that is inspired by an earlier Edouard Heuer creation. The watch itself comes in a 43 mm Grad 2 titanium case with black titanium carbide coating and nice sand-blasted finish. The sleek design of the case is complemented by the black ceramic bezel with the tachymeter scale. The case features a sandblasted dial with black gold applied date window and hand-applied Arabic numerals. Hour and minute hands as well as small seconds hand are made of polished gold and luminescent markers. The 30 minute counter can be seen located at the 12 o’clock position while the 12-hour counter is located at the 6 o’clock position. The small second counter is located at the 9 o’clock position.

Technical Specifics:


  • Calibre 1887 – an integrated column-wheel watch movement

  • Oscillation frequency: 28,800 vibration per hour

  • Power reserve of 50 hour

  • Movement has 320 parts, which includes the re-engineered version of its inspiration and predecessor, the brand’s 1887-patented (by Edouard Heuer) oscillating pinion and a matching blue column wheel. The oscillating pinion works in tandem with the column wheel in a similar fashion as an automobile transmission. The oscillating pinion works as a clutch while the column wheel coordinates the start, stop and return-to-zero functions of the chronograph hand, functions like a gearbox.


  • Black or Anthracite

  • 3 counters on dial – Chronograph minute at 12 o’clock position, chronograph hour at 6 o’clock position and running second at 9 o’clock position.

  • Hand-applied Arabic numerals

  • Polished hour and minute hands with luminescent markers with red tip on chronograph hands

  • Hand-applied TAG Heuer logo; “CARRERA – Cal. 1887” lettering on the face of dial

  • Hand-applied date window at the 3 o’clock position


  • Case diameter – 43 mm

  • Polished and fine brushed steel case

  • Scratch-resistant curved sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective treatment

  • Ceramic bezel with tachymeter scale

  • Scratch-resistant sapphire caseback that is see-through

  • Water resistance – 100 m

  • TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Titanium Racing Chronograph
    TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Titanium Racing Chronograph

For more information, please visit company website: http://us.tagheuer.com/en/luxury-watches/tag-heuer-carrera-watch

Bedat Holds First Successful Singaporean Exhibition

Last month Swiss watchmaker Bedat & Co celebrated their first successful exhibition in the island nation of Singapore, promoting their 2012 collection to a new audience.

Bedat & Co. is a fairly young brand, started by Simone Bedat with her son Christian in 1996. The brand has since made its name by specializing in timepieces with Art Deco-inspired designs and a feminine touch. Singapore was chosen to be the site of this exhibition due to Bedat & Co. feeling the nation is “an important style icon in the world” where there is a “high number of independent, high-powered and intelligent women”–the core of the brand’s target market. The exhibition took place over September 14-23 and was held in Wisma Atria, a shopping center long known for catering to fashionistas by offering a combination of renowned international brands and unique fashion labels within its walls.

Partway through the exhibition’s duration a gala presentation was held in order to showcase Bedat & Co.’s creations to the media, celebrities, fashion icons, and watch enthusiasts of Singapore. Bedat & Co. President Mr. Frank Low and Director of Creations Dino Modolo were in attendance as well as over 150 exclusive guests. Human statues wearing Bedat’s timepieces were used to showcase the timepieces and the crowd was kept entertained by Clarissa Monteiro, a well-known jazz singer who presided over the gala as Master of Ceremonies.

In addition to the statues Bedat presented their timepieces on the catwalk. The highlight of the show was Singaporean celebrity Sheila Sim, who walked the catwalk wearing the crown of Bedat & Co. beautiful Extravaganza collection: the Ref. 887. This watch features a round face surrounded by diamonds laid in an arrangement of radiating curves that recals the petals of a many-layered flower. The Ref. 887 is also notable for an extra bit of dazzle on its face, a rotating diamond located in the 6 o’clock position. Its casing is made of solid 18-carat rose gold and it comes with a rolled-edge satin strap. Furthermore the Ref. 887 is available in four different colors that range from a sober black to a fun dark pink.

The other notable watch of the exhibition was the newly-launched Ref. 823. An innovative member of Bedat’s No. 8 collection, this simple and elegant design features a round stainless steel case, a central rotating diamond. This model is notable for featuring an interchangable center attachment, allowing its owner a choice of straps: hand-stitched alligator leather or a stainless steel “mille mailles” bracelet.

Bedat & Co. Is to be congratulated on their successful exhibition. There’s no doubt that many more elegant, beautiful creations are to come from this brand.

Hublot Expands Chinese Presence With Xiamen Store, Exhibitions

One of the leading Swiss watch brands, Hublot recently opened its largest Chinese boutique to date in the city of Xiamen—the latest step of its growth in the Chinese market.

Founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, designer of the first natural rubber strap in watchmaking history, Hublot has gone on to open over 50 stores in cities all around the world. Their new store in Xiamen is the sixth of their stores in China. Xiamen is a major city located on China’s southeast coast and is known for both its diverse industry and the beauty of its surrounding countryside.

The store is located in one of Xiamen’s many shopping districts, a luxury shopping area known as China Town, and covers over 200 meters. In accordance with the brand’s determination to embody the “Art of Fusion”, the store’s design combines Hublot’s signature black with discreet, luxurious, and high tech elements. Private VIP rooms and highly-experienced staff combine to bring visitors an unparalleled shopping experience.

Three photos showing the exterior and interior of Hublot's new Xiamen boutique.
Hublot demonstrates the “Art of Fusion” in architectural form. (images taken from Hublot’s online press release).

The opening of this boutique coincided with the arrival of two more of Hublot’s artistic efforts in China. The first is the opening of an exhibition that embodies Hublot’s philosophy of the “Art of Fusion” and features classic timepieces from Hublot’s many collections over the years. All of these are on display as examples of Hublot’s fusion of traditional Swiss watchmaking with modern techniques and materials. The second event is the arrival of the “20 years of Ferrari in China” exhibition in Xiamen, a nationwide roadshow and exhibition that is jointly supported by Hublot. The exhibition featured the arrival of an exclusive version of the Ferrari 458 Italia, of which only twenty will be made. None of them will be sold outside of China.

As Hublot and Ferrari have a well-known partnership it’s not surprise that Hublot would be on hand to aid and celebrate Ferrari’s expansion into Chinese markets. In fact, their partnership has recently borne fruit with the release of Hublot’s brand new, limited edition Big Bang Ferrari watch, which utilizes a brand new material called “Magic Gold”–the strongest gold ever created and a revolutionary material developed by Hublot itself.

This boutique in Xiamen’s China Town is the sixth of Hublot’s stores in China, and with more to come—the number of Hublot boutiques in China is expected to reach ten in the next six months—it’s safe to say that Hublot’s future in China looks bright.

Breguet Awarded By “Watch of the Year” Competition With Three Prizes

Last month Breguet, a Swiss watch manufacturer, received three awards in MontresPassion magazine’s 19th annual Watch of the Year competition as the result of juried judging and popular online vote.

Breguet was founded in Paris in 1775, and over the centuries its clientele have included everyone from royalty to explorers, diplomats to bankers. The brand also has a storied clientele in literature, appearing on characters from celebrated works such as Leo Tolstory’s “War and Peace” and Alexandre Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo.” MontresPassion is a Swiss magazine that is published in French, devoted to celebrating watches and those who make and wear them. The magazine has held its annual Watch of the Year compeition since 1994.

This year’s event was well attended by over 600 personalities, all gathered to honor the best watch creations of 2012. Despite the competition’s long history this was the first year that a single brand has come away with so many prizes. The two Breguet watches honored in the competition were the Héritage phases de lune rétrograde and Tradition GMT, both of which had been first unveiled at the 2012 Basil Watch Show.

In particular the Héritage phases de lune rétrograde was given two awards, Watch of the Year 2012 and 2012 Ladies’ Watch Prize. The Tradition GMT emerged as the clear winner in the Public’s Prize. For this prize a carefully selected list of 40 watches was presented to the public to consider and vote on through the magazine’s website. As such, Breguet can rest knowing that both experts and the public alike laud their timepieces.

The Héritage phases de lune rétrograde has a rose gold case shaped in a tonneau or barrel-shape. It’s hands are located in a center dial made of mother-of-pearl and its face features Roman numerals whose size and shape morph to fit in the space between the round center dial and the tonneau shape of its casing. However, it’s most striking feature is the rose gold moon located at one o’clock on the watch face which shows the phases of the moon. Looking at this elegant watch with its delicate lunar ode it’s obvious why it won two awards in Montres Passion’s juried competition.

By contrast the Tradition GMT has a solidly round casing, also case in rose gold. It features faces, both marked with Roman numerals—one white face for the primary time zone, and one black face for a secondary time zone. The two faces are set as two circles without the larger circle of the casing, each one with edges just barely tangent to each other. The gaps between the faces and the edge of the casing reveal the delicate gears that make up the watch’s finely-tuned interior, making the Tradition GMT a rugged contrast to the delicacy of the Héritage phases de lune rétrograde. Looking at the still picture of this watch one can easily imagine the hypnotic movement of the hands around their dial and of the layers of machinery beneath, making it obvious why this gorgeous timepiece was selected for MontresPassion’s Public’s Prize.

Congratulations to Breguet both for creating such beautiful timepieces, and for the prizes their hard work has won them. We look forward to seeing what Breguet has up its sleeve for 2013.

Ulysse Nardin Corporate Movie Showcases Intricate Manufacturing Process

Swiss watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin has recently released a corporate movie through their website and YouTube that showcases the highly intricate process by which their timepieces are made.

Ulysse Nardin was founded in 1846, and the city of Le Locle, Switzerland, but their manufacturing facility is all modern. The film takes viewers through all steps of the manufacturing process, from designers putting together the next generation of watches to the workers to utilize state-of-the-art equipment to create the many intricate parts that go into a single watch. The film is sure to showcase the artistry of each watch and the skill of the workers who make them.

Heaving seas and a cloud-covered moon that set the scene as the movie begins. The flash of a lighthouse beam takes us first to the designers, hard at work thinking up the next generation of watches on paper and computer. The next few minutes of the film are devoted to the people and machines who manufacture the many intricate parts of a watch. From dark factory floors to brightly-lit labs, the movie beautifully exhibits the breadth of skills required to create a single luxury timepiece. Ulysse Nardin is careful to also showcase the people who make their watches possible in this movie, with attention dedicated to the men and women whose work make Ulysse Nardin’s watches possible. Time and again we see people examining their work with dedication and care, a reminder of how highly Ulysse Nardin values the quality of its watches.

From factory floors and labs we move on to the watches’ assembly. Ranks of skilled men and women take the parts we just saw being made and begin the delicate process of assembling them into the mechanical core of each Ulysse Nardin timepiece. However, a luxury watch is more than just a machine, it’s a work of art, and the movie shows us that dimension of each watch’s genesis as well. There is a fascinating portion of the movie that gives us a close look at the artistry behind some of Ulysse Nardin’s watches, from cloisonne to miniature paintings.

Once the artists have had their time on screen the movie jumps back to the assembly process. This time we watch as the assembled cogs are united with their faces and hands before their fine casings are put in place. The film takes us through the final part of the manufacturing process as it showcases the men and women whose job it is to check each and every watch for quality, ensuring that only the best make it out. The movie closes on a look at some of Ulysse Nardin’s beautiful timepieces, their beauty only enhanced by knowledge of the labor and craft that went into each one’s making. With a final flash of light, the lighthouse from before turns off, signalling the end of a long day’s work and the end of the movie.

For 165 years Ulysse Nardin has dedicated itself to manufacturing only the best in timepieces. What this movie demonstrates is that dedication holds strong today, and that reputation for quality is well-earned and hard-kept. Watch this short film yourself right here:

Fashion Icon Daphne Guinness and Watchmaker Roger Dubuis Team Up

This month fashion icon Daphne Guinness and Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis have teamed up to promote Roger Dubuis’ latest collection, combining Dubuis’ timepieces with Guiness’ style.

Daphne Guinness has long been considered an important figure in the world of fashion, being a well-known collector of haute couture and a revered style icon. She is an artist who has herself inspired other artists, serving as muse to famous photographers and art directors. It is as muse that she has come to collaborate with Roger Dubuis, a talented watchmaker whose name graces the brand he launched in 1995 with the help of Carlos Dias, another designer of fine watches.


As the latest celebrity to partner with Roger Dubuis, Guinness has lent the brand’s stylish timepieces the stamp of her approval—approval that did not come lightly. According to Haute Living magazine, before she would consent to becoming an ambassador for Roger Dubuis the heiress insisted on visiting their factory herself in order to ascertain that the quality of manufacturing that went into a Roger Dubuis watch was up to her stringent standards. Only then did she become ambassador for the Velvet collection.

To celebrate the launch of the Velvet collection, Daphne Guinness collaborated with the celebrated fashion photographer Nick Knight on a photoshoot that showcased the watches. The photoshoot was styled by the Daphne Guinness herself and features vintage clothing from her personal wardrobe. The results of the photoshoot are exceptional, each one capturing not only Guiness’ style and grace but each watch in the Velvet collection to perfection. Together they exemplify the “fascinating and daring appeal” of the Velvet collection. The resutls of the photoshoot also include a short making-of video that takes viewers into the world of high-fashion photography.


As for the watches themselves? The Velvet collection combines stunningly precise mechanisms with a glamorous design. The centers of the Velvet watches are marked by a barrel-shaped inset, creating an interesting depth effect on the watch face. Gleaming Roman numerals and appliqued designs all converge towards the center of the watch, drawing the eye inward. The watch casing itself is designed in a shape that sits halfway between a circle and a barrel shape, and gems line it in shapes that echo both forms. The watches of the Velvet collection come in a variety of colors and configurations, ensuring that there’s one to fit any aesthetic.

Looking forward, it’s hard to say where this partnership might go. However, with Guiness’ deep appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship that goes into a Roger Dubuis watch, it’s safe to say that we can expect great things from their collaboration.