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Hublot Expands Chinese Presence With Xiamen Store, Exhibitions

One of the leading Swiss watch brands, Hublot recently opened its largest Chinese boutique to date in the city of Xiamen—the latest step of its growth in the Chinese market.

Founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, designer of the first natural rubber strap in watchmaking history, Hublot has gone on to open over 50 stores in cities all around the world. Their new store in Xiamen is the sixth of their stores in China. Xiamen is a major city located on China’s southeast coast and is known for both its diverse industry and the beauty of its surrounding countryside.

The store is located in one of Xiamen’s many shopping districts, a luxury shopping area known as China Town, and covers over 200 meters. In accordance with the brand’s determination to embody the “Art of Fusion”, the store’s design combines Hublot’s signature black with discreet, luxurious, and high tech elements. Private VIP rooms and highly-experienced staff combine to bring visitors an unparalleled shopping experience.

Three photos showing the exterior and interior of Hublot's new Xiamen boutique.
Hublot demonstrates the “Art of Fusion” in architectural form. (images taken from Hublot’s online press release).

The opening of this boutique coincided with the arrival of two more of Hublot’s artistic efforts in China. The first is the opening of an exhibition that embodies Hublot’s philosophy of the “Art of Fusion” and features classic timepieces from Hublot’s many collections over the years. All of these are on display as examples of Hublot’s fusion of traditional Swiss watchmaking with modern techniques and materials. The second event is the arrival of the “20 years of Ferrari in China” exhibition in Xiamen, a nationwide roadshow and exhibition that is jointly supported by Hublot. The exhibition featured the arrival of an exclusive version of the Ferrari 458 Italia, of which only twenty will be made. None of them will be sold outside of China.

As Hublot and Ferrari have a well-known partnership it’s not surprise that Hublot would be on hand to aid and celebrate Ferrari’s expansion into Chinese markets. In fact, their partnership has recently borne fruit with the release of Hublot’s brand new, limited edition Big Bang Ferrari watch, which utilizes a brand new material called “Magic Gold”–the strongest gold ever created and a revolutionary material developed by Hublot itself.

This boutique in Xiamen’s China Town is the sixth of Hublot’s stores in China, and with more to come—the number of Hublot boutiques in China is expected to reach ten in the next six months—it’s safe to say that Hublot’s future in China looks bright.