Tissot Le Locle Chronometre


The deep beauty of Tissot's Le Locle Chronometre.
The deep beauty of Tissot’s Le Locle Chronometre.

The Tissot Le Locle Chronometre is one star in a long line of proud timepieces that can boast of being named for the birthplace of Tissot watches itself.  Nestled in the Swiss Jura Mountains, Le Locle is the small village where the first pieces were crafted in 1853.  Now a century and a half later, Tissot has watches in 150 countries and is an established name synonymous with quality and style.

One of the most remarkable things about this piece is found right in the watch face of the Tissot Le Locle Chronometre, where there is an incredible amount of detail.  Finely chiseled guilloché pattern runs across the dial, and the color combination is quite striking.  Framed in pink gold with a dark blue grey face, a look is created that is somehow both demure and dashing.  Shining gold letters mark out the hours and a typical date window rolls by the days, perhaps the only mundane thing about this watch.

The split sapphire display back is a bold aesthetic move, and one which some consider quite polarizing.  However there is a way in which the style choice provides a appearance of treasure locked securely up, and treasure is just what is found at the heart of this Chronometre.  Sleek movements can just barely be seen vaulted behind lovely pink gold that is decorated with an elegant scroll of embellishments for flair.  The dimensionality of this case back also appears to add weight and depth to the watch, and thus further complexity.

Complex movements vaulted in by embellished pink gold.

This timepiece perhaps over them all truly honors the proud heritage that this brand has to offer.  Produced to commemorate Tissot’s award for best chronometre with their 2012 Le Locle, this year’s model celebrates the highest caliber of watchmaking seen today, combining exceptional aesthetic appeal with excellent time keeping.  It can stand alone as an ambassador for the brand and beacon of their success.

Written by Lindsey K. Cook

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