Ulysse Nardin Superyacht-Inspired Sonata Streamline Review

By Laura Rensing

Diving watches saturate the market, but rarely do you come across a “superyachting” watch.  For those who are looking to take their sea adventures to the next level of luxury, the Ulysse Nardin Sonata Streamline timepiece is the perfect watch to sail the seven seas (or wherever you may go) in style.

The latest watch in the Sonata series, the Streamline sails on uncharted waters—at least as far as the design of the watch goes.  Rather than the graceful curves and soft grays and golds of the earlier watches in the series, such as the Sonata Silicium, the Streamline favors bold geometric shapes and asymmetry for its aesthetic.

The watch comes in two separate versions using both rose gold and ceramic.  Both versions feature an incredibly strong titanium case with rose gold accents.  The variation with the ceramic bezel uses rounded triangles for the chronometric dials on the black watch face.  The dial face uses a subtle vertical line pattern to add depth to the watch piece and provides an excellent counterpoint to the strong, rounded geometric shapes of the dials and watch hands.

The other version of the watch uses a rose gold bezel in place of the ceramic and remains a bit more monochromatic on the dial faces.  Whereas the ceramic version uses a more triangular approach, the rose gold variation focuses more on the interplay of circles.  The date function uses a crescent moon shape to mirror the many dials and even the blued steel watch hands have a rounded figure.


Both versions run off the self-winder Caliber UN-67, a movement developed by the great minds at Ulysse Nardin themselves.  The watch itself is quite handy to have around whether you’re an experienced seaman or a deckhand.  The dual time system automatically adjusts to different time zones and also features a countdown indicator and alarm.

Overall, the Streamline takes the same strong characteristics of the earlier watches in the Sonata series—namely the mechanics and dual time feature—but favors a sportier look over the stylized look of the earlier pieces.

Inspired by the opulent luxury of the superyacht lifestyle, these watches combine the luxury of a high end watch a bold sense of adventure.  The skeletonized elements of the Ulysse Nardin Sonata Streamline and bold shapes give the timepieces a strong presence.

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